Quantic Dream’s Fahrenheit Remastered Coming To PS4 Next Month

Amidst the barrage of announcements and reels of game footage, Quantic Dream promised fans a special surprise during E3. Sure enough, the French studio took to Twitter last night, confirming Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy for PlayStation 4.

Exclusive to Sony’s latest platform, this isn’t part of the “PS2 Classics” range we’ve watched expand over the past several months. Instead, it’s a full-on remaster in 1080p, priced at $14.99.


Anyone who’s keen on Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, or the upcoming Detroit should definitely take a look. Given the original hardware, it isn’t quite as robust though you can definitely see the film-like effect David Cage and his cohorts were going for. Last year’s mobile remaster held up surprisingly well and we’re expecting bigger things when it comes to PlayStation on July 18th.

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  1. Yes! Wanted this badly. As a fan of Heavy Rain, I’ve been meaning to go back to Fahrenheit for quite a while.

  2. Cool, i always wanted to check that game out.

  3. Will definitely give this a look. Never played this back in the day but a big fan of heavy rain and beyond two souls. Also detroit looks great too.

  4. Only played the demo of Heavy Rain and i did like it but have no idea what the other games are about or like?

  5. What a game this was back in the day. What a game!!!!

    Fantastic news!!!!

  6. Would love a physical copy of this, but guessing its just a download?

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