Hitman Summer Bonus Episode Coming July 19th As Part Of Season Pass

The Hitman content just keeps on coming, with a pair of new missions set to be released on July 19th to tide you over until the second half of the main story arc.

Considered a seventh episode in addition to the six that were originally announced, Summer Bonus Episode takes Agent 47 back to Sapienza and Marrakesh – actually, these are canonically his first visits to these locations – gives both a bit of a makeover and presents you with two very different goals.


The Icon transforms the town square late at night, tasking you with taking out one of the cast members during the climactic scenes of a film shoot – keep an eye out for a giant killer robot – while A House Built on Sand has you hunting for a construction company mole in a nighttime Marrakesh.

This was announced back at E3, but it’s only now that we’ve been able to confirm that the Summer Bonus Episode is included as part of the full season, so if you bought the Full Experience or the Upgrade Pack, it’s included. However, it’s a separate episode, so is not a freebie if you bought the Sapienza and Marrakesh episodes individually.

Source: Hitman

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