The Insomniac Spider-Man E3 Trailer Was Running On A PS4

Last week various game developers at E3 showcased the games we’ve been looking forward to see, but of course; E3 didn’t fall short of surprises. One of these in particular, was the announcement of Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 by Insomniac Games.

The PlayStation is no stranger to super-hero themed games and storylines, with InFamous and Batman Arkham franchises being the most popular of this genre on Sony’s platform. Considering the PlayStation 3 used the Spider-Man font for it’s original design all those years ago, it is only fitting that the friendly neighbourhood super-hero found an exclusive home on Sony’s platform.


The trailer for Spidey’s latest outing had some people asking questions as to whether the game really looked as good as it did in the trailer and in short, the answer is yes.

Insomniac Games has since taken to Twitter to address some of the discussion surrounding Spider-Man and was able to confirm that the trailer shown was in-game footage running on a standard PlayStation, and not the now-confirmed PlayStation Neo.

The game will focus on a much more experienced Peter Parker and will not tie-in to the upcoming movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. This is a nice way to keep things fresh for the franchise’s future considering the movie releases have been somewhat messy in recent years.

Source: Twitter

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  1. I have faith in Insomniac but i remember a time when it took a whole PS3 just to render Doc Ock’s face! ;)

    • If anyone can get a game both running and playing well, it’s Insomniac Games. I think they have truly been underated this generation both on the animation and technical side of things. ratchet & Clank looked like a playable Pixar movie.

  2. After Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet & Clank, I’m not that surprised. Insomniac has proven themselves very proficient.

    I don’t like how it’s a PlayStation exclusive though. The games never were, even when Sony held the film rights. But maybe it’s just timed, like Tomb Raider?

    • Maybe they struck a deal with marvel since they included spiderman is civil war

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