2064: Read Only Memories Releases August 16th For PS4 And Vita

Late last year Midboss announced Read Only Memories for PS4 and Vita. Now the studio has confirmed that the game will be released on August 16th for both consoles for a price of $19.99, and it will be cross buy. There will also be a 10% during launch. The game has also had the year 2064 added to the title, the time period in which the game is set. 2064: Read Only Memories’ plot is about the search for the inventor of the robot Turing.

Along with the date Midboss announced some of the voice over cast members.


Members include Austin Creed, aka WWE’s Xavier Woods, Melissa Hutchinson, Adam Harrington, Sarah Elmaheh, Zoe Quinn, Dan Ryckert, and Jim Sterling. This release will differ from the original PC release as a lot of the dialogue has been rewritten, the puzzles have been tweaked, and new character animations have been added to 2064: Read Only Memories.

Source: Press Release

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