Community Chronicle: 26/06/16

There’s really only been one topic of discussion on people’s lips over the last week, and the UK referendum combining with the come down from E3 means that there’s really not been that many big topics on TSA.

Even so, let’s see what we can dig up?


So, let’s first look at the most boring news of the week, with a stability-laden firmware update for the PlayStation 4 and a couple hours of downtime for PSN maintenance. What a world we live in!

Homerjnick unironically wrote, “Woah…I’m def taking the day off work for this… thanks for the HUGE news!”

But fingers crossed that it helps out double-o-dave.

Hopefully the system update may sort my Playstation out before I grab a screwdriver and open it up. Last night I noticed it seemed to have the ‘eject bug’ which I’d never heard of.

My PS4 randomly turned itself on & ejected a game disc then just kept trying to eject imaginary discs and wouldn’t let me insert one either. As it was late, I just turned it off and thought I’d deal with it later today after work.

Yeah, that one’s a right pain in the backside, and an annoying flaw in the PS4’s original internals – I’d hope they’ve altered the design since then.

Some of the strength of Sony’s E3 showcases of the last few years has been their willingness to tap into nostalgia for old, long untouched IPs. This time around it was Crash Bandicoot, and Andrew House has said that Sony have realised that playing on these fond gaming memories has been more important than they first thought.

But Bunimomike wonders if this is merely playing to a small but loud audience of gamers?

Is this the case of a very vocal minority? Just curious as I couldn’t give a flying f**k about old franchises. They’re old for a reason. If they come back, they need to be re-imagined so it’s fresh, not just a makeover.

A recent example is God of War. Interested in the old franchise? Nope. Think it’s had its heyday? Yep. Re-imagined in the new trailer? Good god, yes! Done.

How about you? Is the nostalgia factor enough, or do publishers need to come in and find a new way of using these old characters and game series?

Finally, one of the ramifications of the Xbox One S’ reveal is that retailers have a lot of soon to be outdated stock to shift. In a move seemingly led by Microsoft, the original Xbox One hardware is now being sold for £199. But is it enough to tempt people to hop onboard before the smaller box is on store shelves?

Starman said, “Great price. If you’re not bothered about 4k video and already have a spare external HDD about, it’s a better option than the extra £150 for a slim.”

Not for Camdaz though, who said, “Nice price but if I was thinking of buying one I would be waiting for the Slim, or even Scorpio.”

While HDR is a nice bulletpoint to have for the Xbox One S, beeje13 pointed out that “HDR Isn’t quite as good as we hoped, it turns out that:

  1. Current TV sets are nowhere near bright enough to display the full HIgh Dynamic Range in a standard room. You have to compromise the range, or sit in an unlit room.
  2. HDR requires extra processing from the TV. As such currently HDR and any ‘game mode’ that tv’s have cannot be enabled at the same time. The result is alot of input lag when running in HDR mode.

Something to bear in mind.


We’ll kick things off with Crazy_Del this week, who’s been a bit of a busy bee. He grabbed the Super Exploding Zoo platinum on PS Vita, teamed up with R1MJAW and Pixel_nme to get the Borderlands: The Pre Sequel platinum, and has worked through 100% of the trophies for Gone Home, Sportsfriends, Stick it to the Man and Titan Attacks from his PS Plus backlog!

Between watching football, blast71 got the platinum for the superpowered adventure that is inFamous: Second Son, and just in time for the Rio Olympics, badger3078 got the platinum from London 2012 on PS3!

The Lone Steven has had several disasterous attempts at saving the Earth from aliens in XCOM: Enemies Within, while Kennykazey has been victim of the shambolic launch of Mighty No. 9, with his copy of the game delayed by another month for having been an EU backer.

At least he got a nice tshirt out of it…

The trophy leaderboards are on a hiatus at the moment, so after a rather brief Chronicle, all that’s left to do is bid you farewell for another week.

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  1. I get Mike’s point about old franchises should be left alone, but in some ways I think that it’s an important way of holding onto the past. With backwards compatibility the last thing on Sony and MS’s minds, it’s the only way to hold onto games of yesterday.

  2. Bzzzz Bzzzz Bzzzz


  3. Well after unplugging my PS4, the eject issue appeared to resolve itself… that was until yesterday when it started doing the eject thing again. I removed the plastic top, then realised I didn’t have a screwdriver capable of reaching the hard to get to invisible screw. I had no other choice at this point and tried the ole ‘give it a whack’ method. So far so good. I’ll pick up a screwdriver before the footie tonight so I have one on standby.

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