Brock Lesnar Announced as Cover Star For WWE 2K17

2K has announced that Brock Lesnar will be the next superstar to appear on the cover of their upcoming WWE 2K17 game. Brock Lesnar is a former NCAA, UFC and WWE champion so it’s only right that the WWE would try to use him to promote WWE 2K17 game. Brock Lesnar hasn’t been on a cover of a video game since WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain for the PlayStation 2 over a decade ago.


Speaking about the announcement was Brock Lesnar’s manager, Paul Heyman who said the following statement:

“Ladies and gentlemen, my client has truly conquered everything in his path, and unleashing Suplex City through WWE 2K17 will be no different.

As the advocate for Brock Lesnar, I can assure you his embodiment of unadulterated excellence, combined with a Beast’s desire to CONQUER all platforms in the gaming world, will make for a video game and supporting campaign that fans will embrace and absolutely cannot ignore this year.”

Brock Lesnar is currently training for his fight at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt. Lesnar is the first competitor to be actively involved with both the UFC and WWE at the same time. Fans who pre-order WWE 2K17 will also receive two playable versions of WCW and WWE star Bill Goldberg plus two WCW Havoc arenas for free.

WWE 2K17 will be released for the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 11th 2016.

Source: 2K

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