July’s PS Plus Update Features Saints Row, Furi & Paragon

July’s PS Plus update, which goes live next week on July 5th, is nothing if not unusual. In addition to adding six games to the Instant Game Collection, it adds a seventh as well… kind of.

Paragon is an upcoming take on the MOBA genre from Epic Games, and it will one day be a free to play title, but to play it at the moment, you need to buy your way in, getting a small amount of the paid content in return. This month, PS Plus members can all get the Paragon Starter Pack for free, which gets you access to the game as well as three Master Challenges for the heroes Gadget, Murdock, and Rampage, which will unlock skins, XP boosts, emotes, deck slots, and more.


The meat of the PS Plus update features Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell and Furi on PS4. Check out our preview for Furi from a little while ago, as well as the gameplay trailer.

Of course, there’s also games for the PS3 and PS Vita, with the full list of additions as follows:

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Fat princess getting some love… Wish they would port to the PS4

  2. Furi looks interesting, thanks for linking up the preview

  3. Oreshika is amazing for those whom love their Vita <3 and Furi looks right up my bullet hell twin stick street. I'm terrible at them but lurve it.

  4. Saints Row Gat Out of Hell for me ^^

    • I’m with you Del, get me some of that Gat out of Hell ta very much.
      Would have bought it anyhoo’s but now it’s gifted ;)

  5. Not really overwhelming, but that may be just me. Got more than enough to play anyway, so I’m not complaining.

    • It’s not just you. Not going to whinge about the titles, but more generally they’re really not doing themselves any favours when it comes to the decision of whether to renew plus or not…

  6. i like the Saints Row games, but Gat Out of Hell seems a bit of a low point to me.
    from what i understand, it’s just another reskin of Steelport, i could live with that, SR4 was fun, lazy but fun, but this one doesn’t even have any music from what i understand.
    oh and no character customisation.
    and it’s short.
    i’ll play it, but honestly, i think i’d rather have the PS4 port of SR4.

    of the rest, Oreshika looks the most interesting to me.
    i love a good RPG, hell, i’m even fond of a few bad ones. ^_^

    • Doesn’t have any music? There’s a whole Disney-style musical bit in the game. Which is obviously (being a Saint’s Row game) incredibly amusing.

      Yes, it’s short. Nowhere near the length of SR3 or 4. It’s basically just a standalone DLC thing, so that length is to be expected. A lot there for DLC, but not a huge amount for a full game. The Platinum trophy (which I need to finish getting) will take you 20 hours, but a lot of that’s going to be sitting around waiting for the trophy for playing the game for 20 hours to pop.

      It’s all good fun though. And nobody can complain if they’re getting it for “free”.

      You’re right about that RPG though. Looks interesting.

  7. I was planning on getting Gat out of Hell at some point so that saves me buying it now. Might have a look at that odd Furi mashup game too.

  8. Didn’t realise Gat out of Hell was a full game with it’s own platinum trophy? I thought it was a 2-hour add on to SR4. Sweet.

    • Think I was getting this confused with Enter the Donminatrix/How the Saints saved Christmas.

  9. Does anyone know if you can manage the Vita from the PS4 yet or is it still only available on PS3? I wouldn’t mind downloading PoP:Revelations.

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