Battlefield Hardline’s Betrayal DLC Is Free Until July 12th

A few of you may have picked up Battlefield Hardline when it was on sale for about £4 during the EA Sale on PSN, and now there is an added bonus for you and everyone else who owns the game. Starting from today until July 12th DICE has announced that Battlefield Hardline’s Betrayal DLC is free to download, and that this is the first piece of content that will be given away until Battlefield’s 1 release.


The content is available on PC via Origin, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3. However do be aware it doesn’t seem to have gone live quite yet on the PS Store, and is only free for Live Gold members on Xbox.


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  1. How many have they given away now for BF4 and Hardline? 3 for each is it?

    On the one hand, it’s rather generous of them and good publicity before the next game. On the other hand, that must be really annoying if you bought either game and all the DLC before now. Assuming you paid anything close to full price.

    It might not be free until really late tonight or sometime tomorrow though. That’s what happened with the previous ones.

    Now, what are the chances of the last of the 4 being given away? Just the 1st of the 4 left (which is an odd way to do it)

  2. My copy of Hardline is at the bottom of my pile of games. Haven’t touched it for at least 6 months. I probably won’t even bother downloading this free DLC, which doesn’t say much for the game.

  3. DLC is free NOW!

  4. Incidentally, it is what many fans regard Hardline as. Or is it just because Hardline is er… meh… erug.. at best. The kinda of game that you kinda like but if you have a better game, you’re playing that and this is an impulse buy that kinda is good but you know it’s medicore and it doesn’t really do the concept well but it’s still kinda fun. Yeah, i’ve not played it but I never will touch it as it kinda seems meh.

    But EA doing free DLC?

    EA, have you killed Bioware? What did you do? I mean, you don’t do free DLC.

    What did you do?

  5. The Game is pretty !
    Look at for all details.

    • The spam is obvious. Look at the spammer for all the details.

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