Twitch App Now Available For Vita In Europe

The Twitch app has now arrived for Vita for users in the UK and Europe, allowing people to watch streams on Sony’s handheld without having to navigate the actual Twitch website in the browser. Of course you won’t be able to broadcast from the Vita since it is missing the necessary hardware which would allow players to do so. The app itself weighs in at 16.7 MB, and you can grab it from here.

The Twitch app is also compatible with the PlayStation TV.

Source: PS Store

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  1. Huh? A new app, for Vita and PS TV? The world has gone mad.

    • My thoughts exactly – what crazy shit is this? I don’t use Twitch but hell, I’m tempted to download it just for the nostalgia!

      • Followed by accidentally broadcasting your men’s region to the world whilst on the toliet because you foolishly saved the app to the front page and get banned as a result of that. :P

  2. Vita?

    But i…


    As in, offically dead, Sony gave up, Vita?


    Of all the….




    Twitch, go home, you’re drunk. You’ll wake up to regret this and have to awkard invite it to lunch to avoid coming off as a bastard that used it for one night of sex.

  3. What is dead may never die.

  4. This will make the install base of about 11 people very happy.

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