Adam Boyes Is Leaving Sony To Return To Game Development

Adam Boyes has been a very popular figure at Sony during his time as VP of Third Party Productions, but he’s just announced that he is leaving the company to return to game development.


In a series of exclamatory tweets, he writes, “After an incredible journey here at PlayStation, I’ve made the very hard decision to return to the world of game development!

“The past 4+ years have been an absolutely amazing experience! I’d like to start out by thanking the incredible PlayStation Nation fans!

“Lots of thanks to throw out over the coming week as I wrap things up to head out on my new adventure… stay tuned!

“The best news is that we have an incredible team here so the development & publishing community & gamers are in GREAT hands!”

We’ll keep an eye out for what he has planned next, but in the meantime, let’s remember one of the silliest moments from his time at Sony.

Source: Adam Boyes

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  1. That video still makes me chuckle, and it has had 15m views!

  2. Best of luck to him on his new endeavours!

  3. No tretton and no boyes :( no party. He has done well for Sony him and shuhei worked really well as a duo.

    Best of luck to him though :)

  4. Always comes across with sincerity and a cheeky grin. Will miss him when it comes to bosses chatting to the community/industry about Sony.

  5. Best of luck to him :-)
    That video is still ace ha

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