Chewbacca And Boosk Will Be Part Of Star Wars Battlefront’s Death Star DLC

Earlier today during the Star Wars Celebration a panel took place regarding EA’s Star Wars games, including Battlefront. One of the big pieces of information announced was that Chewbacca will be coming part of the Death Star DLC, along with the bounty hunter Bossk. Alongside this the fourth expansion for Battlefront was confirmed, and that will be Rogue One: Scarif. Scarif is the tropical planet that is one of the main locations in the Rogue One movie.

EA also released a teaser trailer for the Death Star DLC, and it appears space battles are coming back.

Earlier today an announcement for HTC Vive was made which confirms that the Trials Of Tatooine VR experience will be available for free on Monday 18th July. In Trials Of Tatooine players take on the role of a Padawan who is looking to join the Jedi Order following the defeat of the Empire. In this experience you will be wielding a lightsaber.

Source: Twitter/Press Release

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  1. Pretty cool that there is a space battle I guess, but pound to a penny it will just be an arena map with no capital ships to board or hangars to launch from.

    I’m liking the idea of Scarif later down the line though, and maybe a few Rogue One heroes added to the mix.

  2. Is there some edition that just simply includes all DLC ?

    • Nope. Well, not until BF2 is announced at least. Probably.


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