Community Chronicle: 17/07/16

Whether you plan on catching monsters on your phone or simply want to soak in some rare British sunshine, the weather’s been rather lovely this weekend. Make the most of it while you can!


Nintendo surprised us all with a hardware announcement this week, but instead of unveiling the Nintendo NX, they showed off the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s a little NES-styled box filled with 30 classic games from the system.

Eldave0 was clearly excited by the prospect. They said, “WANT! For £50, this is an absolute steal. As someone who owns an original NES and enjoys collecting these old games, some of them are really expensive!”

However, spotting a different money making strategy, Spence1115 said, “Nintendo, just do us all a favour and release these for the Apple TV, Fire TV and Android TV platforms. You’d probably make quite a lot of money out of that. More than this will…”

The naming convention suggests that it’s a distinct possibility that R1MJAW‘s dreams come true. He wrote, “I’d much rather they did a mini SNES with Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.”

One can dare to dream…

Sticking with Nintendo, Pokémon Go finally launched in the UK earlier this week, a game which has seen a simply remarkable amount of public awareness and uptake. It feels like almost everyone is playing it and talking about it, but some people are a bit fed up about it all.

“What? There’s a Pokémon game? For free? On phones?” MrYd wrote sarcastically. “Why was I not informed of this before?” Bunimomike shared the sentiment, saying, “Same here. A bit sick and tired of it but thankfully my news feeds have a flickering of normality to them as well.”

Others are loving it, though. Smiffypro said, “Now we can all stop talking about it and start playing it.”

Meanwhile, Blayney wasin an obvious hurry to get back out there and simply wrote, “I’ve walked over 40km since Saturday… It’s my childhood. Game is great.”

Faming Simulator 17 is getting female avatars for the first time, allowing both men and women to be represented when out ploughing your digital fields and farming your faux crops.

Amphlett said, “We, as a community, should be at the stage where having a female character in a video game doesn’t even register as news. I guess it’s an indication of maturity.”

Yet at the same time, it is good news for some. Aerobes wrote that, “This is something my wife has emailed the development team about in the past. She’ll be very happy with this news.”


We’ll kick things off with TSBonyman, who completed another replay of Uncharted 2 and has moved onto the third game in the series. He’s also completed all of the world missions in Alienation on his own playing solo, but the final Mothership level is giving him trouble. I’d suggest finding some people to play alongside!

While millions loved every aspect of Uncharted 4, aerobes struggled with what he found to be immensely unenjoyable gameplay, outside of the driving bits. He still finished the game, but did so on the strength of the story alone.

By the time this is written, I’d expect hornet1990‘s playthrough of Battlefield Hardline to be finished. Like quite a few people I know that picked it up in the recent sale, he’s rather enjoyed it. “I quite like the format,” he wrote. “It’s worked pretty well for me and my occasional sessions, but not something I’d want to see repeated too often. Surprisingly good game thoough!”

DividSmythe worked his way through a long list of games one day last week, playing through the enjoyable and critically acclaimed Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, as well as polishing off the Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens platinum.

The trophy leaderboards are on a hiatus at the moment, so after a rather brief Chronicle, all that’s left to do is bid you farewell for another week.

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  1. I can guarantee you I did not say that about Farming Simulator 2017. Past that phase of debating the politics of representation, thank you very much.

    • Lesson learned: Avenger =/= Amphlett.

      My apologies!

  2. Yup, finished BF Hardline and what a perfect ending… I wonder, just what will Nick do with it all?!

    Tempted to have a go at hardline difficulty. For the most part I think it’d be pretty straight forward, esp. since I played veteran more stealthily rather than guns blazing, and even when it did go loud it wasn’t that hard to stay alive.

    Mind you, I keep saying I’m going to clear some of my PS3 backlog from plus, just in case I don’t renew it…

    • Hardline difficulty is not hard. If I can do it then it’s saying something !

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