The US PS Store’s Annual PLAY Promotion Kicks Off Today

Every year, the US PlayStation Store holds a promotional campaign to encourage people to pre-order some of the more exciting games of the summer months, with their releases staggered across four weeks. PS+ subscribers pre-ordering the games receive a 20% discount, but if you buy two or more of the four games included in this year’s promotion by August 23rd, you also get a 20% discount to the cart as a whole.

This year features the vibrant underwater adventure ABZÛ, Double Fine’s 70s sci-fi infused Headlander, an ASCII dungeon crawler called Brut@l, and the gorgeous looking modern dance inspired Bound.

The prices, prior to the promotion’s 20% discount, and release dates (written in a more globally accepted format) are as follows:

  • Headlander – $19.99 ($15.99 PS+) – 26/07/16
  • ABZÛ – $19.99 ($15.99 PS+) – 02/08/16
  • Brut@l – $14.99 ($11.99 PS+) – 09/08/16
  • Bound – $19.99 ($15.99 PS+) – 16/08/16

Update: corrected and clarified promotion details

Source: US PS Blog


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  1. That’s a nice mix of games, i’m interested in a few of them so hopefully we’ll see a similar deal for EU.

    • No 20% for buying them together, but the EU does have PS+ discounts for pre-orders.

      • I’ll have a look and see how it works out, might opt for one or two of them initially and wait for a further discount on the rest.

  2. Remember the days when it was cheap to buy from the US PS Store :(

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