Community Round-Up: 23/07/16

The weather was quite something this week wasn’t it? Hopefully you managed to enjoy it just the ‘right amount’, unlike some of the lobster-coloured people I saw on the Tube this week.

Let me know how you’re planning to spend the weekend, soaking up the sunshine or doing something else, as we begin this week’s Community Round-Up!

It’s been a jolly good while since we’ve had a Meet on TSA, but Tomhlord has created a back-to-back Gran Turismo meet followed by a Project CARS meet starting at 7pm on Monday. Check out the thread here for details.

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Starting the reviews now, Kerbal Space Program for consoles came in first place. Aran gave it a 9/10, saying that it’s a “complicated game but offers a real sense of achievement when you get something right”, and also praises the educational nature of the game.

Meanwhile Stefan brought us our first 8/10 review, as he looked at Zombie Night Terror, a game that mixes “Lemmings with the theme of a cheesy 80s zombie apocalypse movie”. Also on an 8/10 was Chime Sharp, which was described by Matt as a “gorgeous” sequel with an amazing soundtrack to it’s preceding puzzle game.

Dropping down to a 7/10 and we had Dex. There are similarities between it and Deus Ex, with this side-scrolling action RPG is “filled with shadowy characters and intrigue”. Meanwhile, The Assemblya VR-based thriller sadly doesn’t quite hit the mark this time on a 6/10, but it’s a sure sign to keep an eye on what nDreams create in the future.

Our last scored review came from Tuffcub, who played Ghostbusters. Unfortunately, it experiences the similar fate that most movie/game tie-ins experience- it’s dull and repetitive, which is why it was given a 6/10. On a more positive note, Stefan enjoyed the Black Ops III DLC, Descent, even if it didn’t quite live up to the previous Season Pass offering.

The previews this week were quite Deus Ex heavy, with Stefan bringing us his hands on, and also a video showing off Golem City. And, if you enjoyed the previous puzzle games like Lara Croft GO or Hitman GO, then you should know what to expect with Deus Ex GO.

The other preview was for Atlas Reactor, which Stefan said was a blend of genres, leading to a game of “strategy, risks, teamwork and tension as you wait to see if your plan has come together”.

From the Blogs, Jim wrote about how Overwatch was meant to be played as a MOBA, and how Blizzard are encouraging that to happen, while he also looked at Wonderbook, believing it should have got more praise than it did.

Bringing the articles to a close, the Chronicle looked a the NES Classic Mini, Pokemon Go and Farming Simulator, as What We Played #263 featured everything the gang have been up to this week.

Good news! The Forums are alive again, so let’s take a look:

Enjoy your weekends, and I’ll be back next week!


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  1. It was too ****** hot! Also, on the mobile version of this site, there is an advert that takes over and plays a video automatically. Could it be removed? Dislike loading an article, just for it to be hijacked by a goddamn advert! It’s why I have adblock for everything on my laptop!

    I personally think the Forums need to be relaunched. I recall something being discussed about that a few years back.

    I may release the unedited version of the round up from a few weeks back. Legal says it’s kinda ok as long as no lube is on the round up.

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