Batman Will Be Telltale’s First Game To Feature Crowd Play

Telltale Games has confirmed that its take on Batman will be the first of its games to feature a crowd play feature, where groups can vote on decisions. When the option is selected a URL is shared with the host which is then shared with friends to log in with. From here there are two options of play. One is where the host has complete control but other players can vote anyway, while the second follows the decisions of the majority vote.

Job Stauffer on Telltale said:


“It really opens up this door for Telltale games to be more of a social experience and a live one, an opportunity to get together with your friends and play stories together, instead of just debating about things the next day after you’ve both played separately.”

However due to certain issues Crowd Play will not be streamable, at least not for Batman, but it is likely those issues will be ironed out for future titles.

Source: Inverse/Eurogamer

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