Nintendo NX Details Leak With A Hybrid Portable Design

The PlayStation 4 “Neo” leaked, the Xbox One “Scorpio” was mooted, and now it’s Nintendo’s turn, with Eurogamer getting the scoop on the NX’s unusual hybrid portable design and reporting in quite comprehensive detail.

The main takeaways are that this is not a traditional console like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, with Nintendo once again aiming to do something quite different. Eurogamer’s sources say that it’s a portable device first and foremost, with a tablet-esque display that has detachable control elements on either side, like a more modular version of the Wii U’s Gamepad. A base station can then be used to connect this to your TV and play games on the big screen.



However, the actual brains of the device are within the handheld screen, making this a portable device first and foremost. That doesn’t mean that they will necessarily have to skimp on processing power, but this isn’t going for the performance crown against the PS4 and Xbox One, let alone their upcoming hardware revisions.

While many have expected Nintendo to tap up AMD for a chipset – AMD have one games-related chipset contract that has yet to be revealed – Eurogamer’s sources say that it will be based on Nvidia’s Tegra chipset, with the X1 in current developer kits, a chip which is currently seen in the Shield Android TV console and Google Pixel C tablet. A separate tech analysis of this by Digital Foundry notes favourable comparisons to the previous generation PS3 and Xbox 360, which the Wii U has been comparable to in terms of performance. The NX ought still be a step up over the Wii U, in other words.

Downloads will naturally be available, but in terms of physical media, this will ditch disc-based games in favour of cartridges, which are better suited to portability. Cartridges also have loading time advantages compared to discs, and this ought to allow Nintendo to sidestep the current generation’s issue of needing to install data to a hard drive. Eurogamer suggest that cartridges will be 32GB, though they’ll likely come in a number of different sizes.

Last but not least, they say that the NX console reveal is now planned for September, with a keen focus on the console’s portability in a much simplified message about what the console can do.

Taking all of this in, what do you think? Would this be a good move by Nintendo, to continue to do something different from their competitors?

Source: Eurogamer, Digital Foundry


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  1. It’s not what I was expecting but I can understand why they didn’t want to compete with Sony and MS especially now that the revised consoles have been announced.
    I cannot see myself buying one but I hope it does really well.

  2. As with anything Nintendo do they’re doing their own thing – and that’s seen almost as many misfires as successes over the years.

    I’ll be getting one – the Wii U and 3DS haven’t disappointed me – but a traditional console with some real graphical oomph could have been good…

  3. As has been said by a few already Nintendo are going in their own direction. While I think it might work for them the problem they’ve had in the previous 10 years is that 3rd party support has waned because of the poor performance in the hardware. People like EA gave up on the Wii U early because it was too hard to port stuff to and make it run anything close to respectable.

    The kids today want the latest FIFA, COD, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Minecraft etc… If your platform doesn’t have the latest version of these then that market is lost. Having said that if this is priced right then kids might have this and a home console. Kids are spoilt these days ha!

  4. Desperately trying to channel their DS success but on a massively changed playing field ( possible ) using a chip that has already been matched current gen mobile phones ( the x1 and the Snapdragon 820 aren’t so far apart are they?

    At least they have full rights to the PERFECT mobile game! POKEMO…..oh, right of course….

    id love this to succeed but can’t see it.

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