Those Marvel Ultimate Alliance Remasters Are… Rather Pricey

Over the years, games based on popular Marvel properties have traditionally been hit and miss. For every Spider-Man 2 there’s been an Iron Man or Incredible Hulk waiting just around the corner. One series that bucked that trend was Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Originally developed by Raven Software and using the same template as X-Men Legends, it was pretty much Diablo with superheroes. Players could buddy up with three friends to take on dungeon after dungeon of baddies using a vast array of powers and combos.


As one of the better things to come of Activision’s partnership with Marvel, news of both games being remastered was generally met with positivity. However, having launched today on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, many who boarded that hype train will be looking for the nearest exit.

Confirming fans’ worst fears, it looks as though Activision has made one last mindless attempt to cash-in on Ultimate Alliance before its licensing agreement is severed completely. Although slightly enhanced, even truest of true believers will find it hard to part with £30 to experience either of these rugged dungeon crawlers once again.

To be fair, both can purchased at a discounted price of £45 but it does little to soften the blow. For today’s full PlayStation Store update, click here.

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  1. If they were both together on a physical disc, I’d be more tempted. Just like the recent Prototype conversions, digital only, and expensive if you want to buy individually. Shame, Activision.

    Having said that, both Prototype conversion were then reduced in digital sales a month or two later, so keep your eyes peeled.

    • Agreed, as an example Deadpool is currently on sale from £45 to £20.
      When the Ultimate Alliance games go down to around that price they’ll be worth it, as they were fun games in their time.
      Personally I’d recommend getting Diablo 3 instead as it’s the best of the genre but if you want to blast around in the Marvel universe you can’t go wrong with the Ultimate Alliance duo.

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