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Pokémon Go Plus Delayed Until September

Catching Pokémon has become somewhat of an interesting hobby for a lot of people in recent weeks with the release Pokémon Go. The AR game has provided a good reason for people to explore the world around them and allowing people of similar interests to meet in various places for that one special Pokémon, whatever or wherever it may be.

Prior to the launch of the game, Nintendo and Niantic had told us about Pokémon Go Plus, a gadget that would give feedback when you were near a Pokéstop or Pokémon, ultimately aiding players to expand the experience of the mobile game. This gadget was originally scheduled for a July release date but unfortunately, Nintendo confirmed that it would be delayed until September in the tweet below:

It’s worth mentioning that, unlike the game itself, Pokémon Go Plus is being produced and distributed by Nintendo and not Niantic. Previously available directly via Nintendo’s online store, the devices quickly went out of stock after going up on sale. Naturally, we’d assume the delay is for Nintendo to manufacture enough to meet the exponential demand for these £30 peripherals.

So, while delays aren’t always the best of news, this announcement should (partly) pull the rug out from scheming opportunists who purchased Pokémon Go Plus only to sell them at eye-watering prices elsewhere.

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