Yakuza 0 Lands In America And Europe On 24th January 2017

Yakuza’s one of those game series where fans in the West seem to constantly be pining for a release of something that’s been out in Japan for years. Those waiting for Yakuza 0 thankfully now have an end in sight, as Sega have announced that the game is coming out in America and Europe on 24th January, next year. Despite the Japanese release hitting both PS3 and PS4, the localised version is just for PS4.

The game tells a number of new origin stories, such as those of Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima – playable for the first time – as they make names for themselves in 1988 Kamurocho, Tokyo. Kiryu in particular is making his way up the ranks of the Gojima yakuza gang, until he’s blamed for a debt collection gone wrong and has to regain his honour.


Check out the latest trailer for the game, from E3 this year.

Source: press release

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