What We Played #264: Quadrilateral Cowboy, Overwatch & We Happy Few

I’ve had a fairly full week of gaming this time around. There’s been the retro-styled Metroidvania of Headlander, the retro-styled hacking of the charming Quadrilateral Cowboy, the oddity of Human Fall Flat a bit of Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, and I’ve been sampling some of the games that feature in the Help! The Game collection of gamejam games, which were created in aid of the War Child charity. These and more secretive gaming time means I’ll have plenty to talk about next week.

Dom’s been playing We Happy Few in its Early Access form, and thinks it offers a huge amount of promise in its twisted vision of a psychotropic vision of the 1960s. He’s also picked up and given Dangerous Golf a quick blast, finished reviewing I Am Setsuna, and has finally returned to Uncharted 4, which he’s shamefully not completely yet!

Kris’ jury duty has meant that he’s had little chance to play games, but he has thoughts to share on Battlefield 4’s single player, saying that “the story is a mess. I actually enjoyed the way BF3 was framed, but BF4 is just utterly nonsensical.” I couldn’t agree more.

Also away for the past week was Dave, how had a “mini-moon” in the West Country after his wedding last weekend. The happy couple enjoyed a bunch of arcade games in Looe, while Dave’s Pokémon hunting was stymied by poor mobile reception. However, this gave him ample opportunity to figure out what on earth is going on in Mega Picross from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Picross.

Speakin of Pokémon Go, Jake’s managed to snag over half of the little things, with 86 now in his Pokédex. He’s also been playing Halo 4, but hates the campaign and is glad that there’s just two chapters left to get through.

Masquerading as a policeman, Aran’s building up a case file on This Is The Police, and will be submitting the formal paperwork for his review next week. “It’s tough being a police chief,” he said, but this particular police chief kicked back with Riptide GP: Renegade, with just a few decisions keeping it from being a top arcade racer.

Finally, Jim’s been keeping up his daily visits to Uncharted 4’s multiplayer, but has found each day more and more challenging. “Since Naughty Dog’s recent changes to the matchmaking,” he explains, “my last twenty or so games have been against organised teams of five. As a result I’ve witnessed some horrific losses and hope Naughty Dog establishes a “mercenary” style playlist for those who aren’t matchmaking in groups.”

He also reviewed Obliteracers earlier this week, and you’ll have to keep an eye out for the Sword Coast Legends, King of Thieves and Overcooked reviews that are in the pipe.

Now it’s over to you. What have you been playing?

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  1. 7 Days to Die has been taking up most of my free time, on day 36 (approx 36 hours in)so far and i feel like i’ve barely scratched the surface.
    Also tried the Masquerade:Baubles of Doom demo. It looks pretty decent and has a great sense of humour (reminds me a little of the humour of Venture Bros), however the combat/platforming felt a little stale to me.

  2. More of the usual, Dead Island with Forrest and Pixel and GTA online with Forrest, Pixel and heedbaw.
    Still mainly playing Binding of Isaac.
    Finished off the GTA V story (along with a few non story related trophies … collecting all the nuclear waste, spaceship parts and letter fragments).

  3. Next to nothing really, as I’ve been working all week. I do look super excited for what I will play though, as a third phase of F1 2016 beta is underway and not only has community feedback been so awesomely received, but we get to test out other aspects of the game.

    I should be due some time off soon, and then I’ll get down to finally playing MGS V, as I snagged both Ground Zero and Phantom Pain.

    • Give us a shout if you fancy any more borderlands, no rush tho as I’m addicted to battlefield 4 online at the moment ;)

      • Will do. It’s slipped of my radar at the moment. Been so busy the last few weeks, but things might relax in a week or two!

        Battlefield 4 is so awesome though…

    • Battlefield 4 is brilliant, only need 1 more trophy for the platinum. There’s not many multi-player games that have made me want to get all the trophies, so it must be good.

  4. Despite being on holiday I messaged to platinum Lego Ninja to Shadow of Ronin on Ps Vita. I’ve also started playing Oreshika Blood Lines which I’m enjoying but not played much else.

    • Only just realised *Ninjago and *managed

  5. I’ve been finding the odd evening to play way too much Uncharted in one sitting, making my eyes water until the early hours. Nearly finished now, what a stunning game, from that wide shot on the tower where you get your bearings up to the flooded area I’ve been spamming the share button, it’s so beautiful. I’ve got a couple of beers and a packet of tissues ready for the end (I expect I’ll be upset, not aroused!), then it’ll be a short wait for the generation defining No Man’s Sky!

  6. Haven’t been able to really get near my PlayStation thanks to my nephew hogging it, and doing the unforgivable and getting a single trophy on his Fifa15 so that’ll live on my account forever now!

    Have managed to squeeze in some BF Hardline multiplayer matches, and BF4 online though.

  7. Got stuck into Resident Evil 5 with the Mrs this week and am closing in on the Platinum trophy. Easy play through done, all collectibles found, all weapons upgraded, just Veteran/Professional play through to go and it will be all done – should be easy with the infinite rocket launcher :)

    Picked up a cheap copy of Tearaway Unfolded this week (£5), so I’ll hopefully make a start on that this week.

    Tempted to pick something up in the PSN Summer Sale (Beyond/HeavyRain bundle, perhaps?) but trying to save my cash for Resident Evil 4 at the end of August.

  8. I’ve used all of my gaming allocated time towards Saints Row Gat with the end goal of platinum achievement. I only have one more weapon to get “x” kills with to complete all of the challenges.
    Silly bugger me missed two ‘missable’ trophies on the playthrough though as I’d jumped in there gung-ho without checking any trophy guides beforehand and have had an absolute blast (pardon the pun, that being one of the superpowers :P)
    It’ll mean starting a new game save for the absent trophies but what the heck, it’s been fun in hell ;)

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