Community Chronicle: 31/07/16

I feel like I’ve talked about Formula 1 an awful lot in the past week and a half, and certainly a lot more than I have in the rest of the year. This weekend’s race is about to get underway at Hockenheim, and I’m actually rather glad to see that track back on the circuit. It doesn’t always provide the greatest racing, but it’s one of my favourites when it comes to its appearances in the games.

Even so, I’ve got my fingers crossed for some fireworks in the early stages of the race, at the very least. I’m rooting for Rosberg to come out of it on top, to keep the championship a little bit interesting as we go into the summer break.

I’d also be quite surprised if my predicted race in F1 2016 comes true…


The big story of the week was Eurogamer’s report on the Nintendo NX, covering all aspects of what is a fascinating hybrid portable concept. While I think it sounds like a great idea with a lot of potential, some people were less than impressed.

Lyts1985 said, “Colour me disappointed. I was hoping for a device comparable to the current gen consoles, a proper home console, whereas this doesn’t seem a huge step up from the Wii U.”

Starman wrote, “So they went all super top secret for this?! Hardly worth it. I can’t see Sony or Microsoft stealing any of the ideas from this.” To which Avenger replied, “To be fair you can see from this comments section why they want to keep it a secret. If they can keep it a secret they can decide what info gets channeled and when, they can ultimately control the image and message of the NX.”

Tonyyeb’s concern isn’t with Nintendo itself, as he said, “Nintendo are going in their own direction. While I think it might work for them the problem they’ve had in the previous 10 years is that 3rd party support has waned because of the poor performance in the hardware.”

But there is a logic to it all. Camdaz said, “It’s not what I was expecting but I can understand why they didn’t want to compete with Sony and MS especially now that the revised consoles have been announced.”

I’m certainly in Camdaz’ camp. There’s little sense in Nintendo strolling down the same path that Sony and Microsoft are, because they simply won’t win those battles anymore. What do you think?

Elsewhere was the surprise announcement of Driveclub VR as a PSVR launch title on the Japanese PlayStation Blog. So surprising that even Sony was taken off guard, and removed the post a few hours later. Even so, the cat’s out of the bag now, and one nice thing to note was the mention of new tracks for the game.

TSBonyman said, “I wasn’t expecting new tracks as well, hopefully they will be available for the main game too!”

Thinking back on Evolution Studios’ recent closure and reformation at Codemasters, ron_mcphatty wrote, “Excellent news! What a swan song for the guys and girls at Evolution, can’t wait to have a go.”

But tonyyeb said, “Even though this will probably extremely amazing, I can’t justify spending £350 on a PSVR.”

Looks like the Monday night VR racing meets will be a man short…


Not a lot has gone on in the achievements section this week. R1MJAW finished the GTA V story, while also collecting all the nuclear waste, spaceship parts and letter fragments for some of the tangential trophies.

Similarly, freezebug has used his gaming time for Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, with just one more challenge to get a certain number of kills with a particular weapon to do. Unfortunately, he’ll have to head back and replay some of the story to get the platinum, as he missed the two missable trophies, having foolishly failed to check a trophy guide.

Eldave0 and his wife have been plugging away at Resident Evil 5 over the past week and are closing in on the platinum trophy. They’ve already grabbed all the collectibles, upgraded all the weapons, and so on, so it’s just a Veteran play through to do, which might be more amusing than it is challenging. They have infinite rocket launcher ammo, after all…

Blast71 is now just one trophy away from the Battlefield 4 platinum, while Dividsmythe has swept through Lego Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin for a PS Vita platinum trophy.

Finally, a special mention has to go out for hornet1990‘s nephew, who hasn’t just been hogging the PS4 all week, but has been playing FIFA 15 on hornet’s main account. There’s now a solitary FIFA trophy that will forever stay in his trophy collection.

The trophy leaderboards are on a hiatus at the moment, so after our brief Chronicle, all that’s left to do is bid you farewell for another week.

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  1. I like the look of the NX, it’s definitely not mainstream stuff but hopefully it’ll drag tablet + physical controls further into the mainstream. The opportunities are also there for cheap VR and I’m sure the power will suffice for the bulk of Nintendos trademark games. They really have got to get the price down though, if it’s not £249 for the console with a game and all the physical bits then it’ll be another Wii U for sure. If it turns out how I imagine then I can see myself buying one at some point.

  2. It was a good F1 race, at least in terms of unpredictable strategies and the Red Bulls being in the mix. I thought Rosberg was super aggressive and impressive. Shame the stewards were dicks about the dive on the inside of the hairpin. Genuinely think the Red Bulls could fight the Mercs later in the season.

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