Development Underway For PS4 HBO Now App

The HBO Now Twitter account has confirmed that there is an app in development which will bring the service to PS4, though it will probably only be available in the US. This is because HBO’s broadcasting rights limit it to the US while its shows are picked up by other networks outside the country, for example Sky in the UK. In the US HBO Now costs $15 a month to watch its show catalogue.


A release date is yet to be announced and devices like the PS3 are being considered too.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Not really sure; what’s the difference between HBO Now and, say HBO Nordic (which we have in the nordic countries)?

    Because the latter has been available on nordic PS4’s and PS3’s for years now.

    • This is the app for the US. Currently not available over there.

  2. I mean, what’s the difference in the content if any?

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