HTC Vive Price Rises To £759 In The UK, Currency Valuation Change The Cause

HTC has confirmed that consumers in the UK will have to pay £759 plus postage + packaging from today due to the recent changes in the valuation of the Pound. The value of GBP dropped heavily following the EU Referendum in which the nation voted to leave the organisation. At the current rate £1 is worth approximately $1.32/€1.18. Compared to the day before the referendum results when a £1 was worth approximately $1.49/€1.30 the price change is understandable as HTC looks to recoup losses that may have occurred.

HTC continuously monitors and adjusts pricing to ensure we are providing our customers with the best value possible. Due to recent currency valuation changes and the current value of the GBP we are adjusting the price of the HTC Vive in the UK to £759 + P&P…We are committed to providing the best possible VR experience with Vive and would like to thank our UK customers and partners for their continued support.

Source: HTC/XE

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  1. Thank goodness for ShopToNet’s pre-order price guarantee, if the price of the PSVR goes up before release I’m covered.

  2. What was the price of Vive before the increase?

      • Woah, that’s quite a jump! I guess people could always import from Europe (while they still can!) if it works out cheaper.

      • The price increase isn’t quite as big as it should be.

        Taking those figures for before and after some people screwed everything up…

        £689 at $1.49 is $1026 (which is more than the US price of $799, or $959 if you add VAT)

        £759 at $1.32 is $1002.

        So it’s gone from being $67 extra to $43 extra. That’s a whole $24 less of “Random Profit For Not Being in the US”.

      • I guess they wanted to stay away from getting too close to be associated with the £800 mark?

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