PS4 Trophies For Inside Leak, Expected To Release This Month

Playdead’s Inside launched on Xbox One and Steam approximately a month ago with details of a PS4 release being almost non existent. This morning a trophy list appeared for the game over at Exophase, showing a total of 14 but without a Platinum. A little while later VG247 claimed a source stated that Inside will launch  in August for PS4, though precisely when and at what price is unknown.

Inside is similar in style to Playdead’s other 2D platformer Limbo, and has received a lot of positive impressions. In fact Dave gave it a 9/10 in our review 


I’m stealing Tef’s spoiler warning as the list below will contain some, obviously. Click away now or forever hold your peace.


  • The Last One – It Comes Together


  • Murky Waters – Something’s not right down here.
  • Field Research – Unearthing secrets.
  • Wee Wee Wee – The never made it to market.
  • Left Behind – Safe falling and hard landings.
  • Obscure Foundations – Lies beneath the city.
  • Friends In Low Places – Dislodging derelict in the depths.
  • A Tableau – Skipping stones at the beach.
  • Pack Mentality – Pull together.
  • Respite – Dive back in.
  • Unfathomable – Take a deep breath.
  • Clockwork – Shadows at noon.
  • Room For Reflection – Hanging up.
  • Office Space – Do an elevator pitch.

Source: Exophase/VG247

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  1. For anyone who’s thinking of getting the game, please, PLEASE don’t go looking for videos or any articles discussing it. Also, when you finish it… THEN go looking for info if you need it. :D I wanted to check my own thoughts about the game and fancied seeing what others thought. I wasn’t too far off with my ramblings. :)

  2. Wonderful news!

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