EU PS Store Update 02/08/16 – Abzu, Batman & Overcooked

It’s a good week to check in and see what’s new the PlayStation Store, with a handful of games coming out that might grab your attention in different ways to the AAA fodder that dominated the end and start of the year. Abzu is a simply gorgeous looking underwater journey, for example, while Telltale’s Batman is a refreshing take on the character that I’m eager to see grow over the rest of the series, and those who enjoy a spot of coop play would do well to check out Overcooked.

Of course, a lot of you will just want to dive into the latest PlayStation Plus games and see whether they’re to your tastes. This time around, those include:


Here’s the full list of additions to the store, courtesy of the EU PS blog:



PS Vita


2nd August


4th August


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  1. ABZU looks really interesting but with three must have games out this month (No Mans, F1 & Assetto Corsa) and the Everspace beta just started I haven’t got the time to play it.

    • What about Deus Ex this month? Are you not classing that as a must-have?

      • I was just mentioning what games are must-have for me. Although Deus Ex will be at the top of a lot of people’s list it isn’t for me.

  2. ABZU is absolutely amazing. I spent all night just floating around in it. Also the new Risk is the best thing risk wise since Factions so if you enjoy the base game but don’t want to be stuck in just a one map world, this will doodle do. Preordered Overcooked too. This month is going to ruin me.

  3. something weird.
    i was on the blog going through the store links for the plus games.
    and Retro/Grade was already on my list.

    why would that be i thought.
    maybe i won a copy on a competition here, if i did i didn’t remember.

    weird, i thought.

    then i started reading the comments.
    turn out we actually had Retro/Grade before.
    in august no less.
    august 2012.
    four years ago.

    feels like they’re rubbing our noses in it by putting it out in august, AGAIN.

    oh, and we’re back to the bad old days when replying to comments on the blog was too much work.

    and still no KSP, i’m sticking with that 2017 prediction.

    still, i’m looking forward to trying Rebel Galaxy.
    that’s about the only positive thing i can say this week.

    • well, Rogue Galaxy is pretty good actually.
      has that classic Elite feel, just on a 2d plane, but it still works.
      start out with a pretty weedy ship, then make money to upgrade it.
      there’s trading, missions, and combat.

      the music gives me a bit of a Firefly vibe as well, no bad thing.

      also, comments on the store update post on the blog, 85.
      official replies on the store update post on the blog, 0.

      they get a new person in, and they reply a lot for a few weeks, then if sort of fizzles out until they just stop replying all together.

  4. Just snagged myself a copy of ABZU. On Steam though.

    • Same here. Some of the most stunning visuals ever. However, so far, it feels shameless in how it “borrows” from Journey but with less soul than the aforementioned masterpiece.

  5. That Layers of Fear “masterpiece edition” is entertainingly priced. Buy the game and the DLC for £17.99 (saving £1.99), or buy the game for £6.29 and the DLC for £3.99 while the base game is on sale.

    It wasn’t on sale yesterday when the bundled version appeared.

    I picked it up on sale today. It’s mildly terrifying. I’m never opening any doors, anywhere, ever again. Especially ones with sounds coming from them.

    Shame it’s got a a game breaking bug where the R2 button (to interact with anything) doesn’t work. Unless you change controllers. That seemed to fix it. Weird. If you’ve only got one controller, I wouldn’t risk buying it. Otherwise, it’s a bargain.

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