EA Reveal Titanfall Sold 7 Million Copies, Sequel Forecast For 9-10 Million

One of the first big exclusive games of this generation, Titanfall did really quite well for EA and Respawn Entertainment, as CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed that it sold 7 million copies in an earnings call

And Titanfall did a little more than 7 million units last time. It was early in the cycle and one of the few titles out there. We think it will do more than that, but it’s probably closer to 10 million than it is to 15 million is built into our guidance. So closer to 9 million to 10 million on Titanfall and just under 15 million on Battlefield 1.

To be fair, though seen as an Xbox One game first and foremost, that figure will have been bolstered by the releases on Windows PC and Xbox 360. So as EA look forward to the sequel which is coming to PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One and PC, they’re only forecasting a respectable rise in sales to around 9-10 million, which makes sense given that it will reach a broader current gen audience, but will be trying to do so in the middle of a tricky holiday release window on 28th October, just a week after Battlefield 1.


This does seemingly contradict a tweet by Respawn fo-founder Vince Zampella, who posted about the celebrations at the studio for reaching “10 million”. You’d have to guess that this was talking about player count as opposed to new game sales, this would account for the game going into the EA Access Vault in July 2015, second hand sales and players sharing consoles.

Source: EA Earnings Call via NeoGAF

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  1. That’s really good, if they are all bought copies.

  2. I’m not a business man or understand business but wouldn’t the forecast for Titanfall 2 double of TF1, considering TF1 was PC/Xbone only so now TF2 is on all platform so the chances it would double the sales?

    • Not really. The PC market is about as big as the console market so maybe 25 to 30% more sales.

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