Treasure Hunters Unite For Uncharted 4 Double Relic Weekend

It’s almost time to sit down, strap in, and plunder to your heart’s content as Uncharted 4 enjoys its second Relic bonus weekend event. From “Friday, August 5 at 11am PST / 8pm CEST until 11am PST / 8pm CEST Monday, August 8”, players will earn an additional 50% of the game’s earn-able currency by completing daily challenges.

For those out of the loop, Relics can be spent on a plethora of multiplayer goodies, from iconic characters and skins to specialised weapons, all of which comes from random loot chests. There are no duplicates here, so fans are encouraged to splash out, tweaking either their appearance of playstyle with the treasures they earn.


Naughty Dog has also rolled out a new update that should help balance the game’s online portion too. Most notably the HS39 and Mettler M-30 recoil mod has lost some of its effectiveness while the Harbinger heavy sniper will now down AND knock out an opponent with a single headshot. Ouch!

Here is the full run-down of changes:

Bug fixes:

  • Level bug/exploit fixes
  • Fixed issue where treasures would not spawn for late-joiners in Team Deathmatch



  • Removed fuse timer upgrade on grenade upgrade level 2


  • Hold 2 C4 at level 2 and 3 upgrades
  • Reduce upgrade in game price by $50 for each upgrade level
  • Level 1 gear resupply reduced from 63 to 60 seconds
  • Level 2 gear resupply reduced from 53 to 50
  • Level 3 reduces prime time by 60% (additional 10% from level 2)



  • Level 2 purchase 1000 -> 1100
  • Level 3 1400 -> 1500
  • Level 4 1800 -> 1900
  • Level 5 2200 -> 2600


Cintamani Stone

  • Receive 1 Cintamani Stone per purchase
  • Prices are as such: 350/450/600/750

Staff of Ayar Manco

  • Level 4 purchase 900 ->1000
  • Level 5 purchase 1100 -> 1200

Indra’s Eternity

  • Receive 1 Indra per purchase
  • Prices are as such: 400/600/800

Heavy Weapons:


  • Straight KO on a headshot


Indra’s Eternity – Slow Down Increase Mod

  • Price increased from $75 – $125
  • Effectiveness has been reduced 10%

Blindfire Mod

  • Reduced effectiveness of the blindfire mod on the MP34a, XCR, and P90

Recoil Mod

  • Reduced effectiveness of the recoil mod on the HS39 and Mettler M-30

Source: Naughty Dog

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