Gal*Gun: Double Peace Has $90 DLC That Makes Panties Invisible

 I’m back from my holidays so normal service has now resumed on TSA and I can bring you the news that school girl pheromone shooter Gal*Gun: Double Peace not only comes in a collectors edition with a ‘screen wipe’ in the shape of panties, it has some equally sexy DLC.

The $89.99 DLC – that isn’t a typo, it really is $89.99 –  called Pheromone Z, will let you “see through clothes instantly.” There is also the Demon’s Meat Buns pack which will increase “the chest sizes of academy students,” whilst the Angel’s Cutting Board pack will decrease the size of the boobies, I’m guessing they won’t sell many of that pack.


Sadly for us the panty removing DLC is only available in America, Sony UK seem to think it was a bit much.

You can expect our review of Gal*Gun: Double Peace very shortly, Miguel is currently locked in his room playing it, the mucky pup.

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  1. The dlc also includes a bonus free registration for the US sex offenders list.

  2. and the really sad part.
    there are people who will actually buy it.
    nearly a hundred dollars for see through knickers on a game character.
    even if you forget these are underage school girls, you can see naked women for free online, why spend that much on polygon anime girls?

    i never thought i’d ever say this in a million years, but for once i think i agree with scee holding back content.
    when that content is just for allowing people to ogle naked children, i have to say i don’t mind them not allowing it a release.

  3. How is this even available in the US?! Depicting naked school kids seems like it should be something that stops a game getting approved for release. Particularly with the US being very prude-like over nudity.

    • You could ask the same about the developer’s business bank account. I won’t be naive and ask how this game ever got invested in, for I fear we already know the answer…

  4. This week I saw a grown man fall into a pond whilst playing playing Pokémon Go and thought that would be the most ridiculous thing I would see for the next 7 days.

    I’ve been proved wrong.

    • Did he catch the Pokémon though?

      • Yes, actually. A legendary Pokémon. Goes by the name of Septicaemia.

  5. No.

    Just no.

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