PlayStation VR Will Come With A Demo Disc

Demo discs, remember them? Plastered to the front of Official PlayStation/Xbox magazine every month and usually containing one thing you wanted to play and twenty other bits of dross that are from six months ago, demo discs are a thing of the past, at least we thought they were.

It turns out that Sony will be adding a demo disc to the PlayStation VR pack. This is not the SIE London Studios’ PlayStation VR Worlds minigame compilation, which contains The Deep and Street Luge, this will be a separate disc with “five minute nuggets” of VR games.


First party games will probably feature heavily, so maybe Until Dawn and RIGS will be showcased, and I would expect the full VR version of the Resident Evil 7 demo to also be included.

PlayStation VR launches on 13th October, with DriveClub VR joining the launch line up this week.

Source: UploadVR

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  1. It’s a great idea to show what the PSVR is capable of. It’ll have snippets of games that you may not try otherwise.

  2. THPS2 demo disc with Marseille got riiiiiiiinsed

  3. It’s a good move, but given the overall duration of some of these experiences a demo might be too much. Play the demo for five minutes or buy the full game and play it for 20 mins?

    • Good point, but for the money you’re shelling out for the headset I think it’s a decent thing for Sony to do, it sort of acknowledges that you won’t have any cash left for food, clothes, rent or more that one launch game.

    • Oh man!! I didnt think of that! GOOD POINT!! However, the price for the headset might be the reason. They’re billing this thing like its a new platform, but its also extremely unique. If Sony was worried people wouldn’t get a good idea of the machines capabilities, and reject it because the game, or games they bought for it made it appear to be a severely limited gimmick, they might feel it was a necessity to offer a variety of examples rather than nothing compelling to detract the gimmick argument . You must remember, Sony isnt really leading the launch game tally with its in home developer teams, and that means its depending on third party offerings, which can be hit or miss.

  4. They should have a running dinosaur just as a throwback to the ps1’s demo disc.

  5. A handy little extra, although I’m guessing most people who have taken the dive into PSVR will already have some full games planned for purchase.

    Of course it’s an outrage that we use the word ‘demo’. I thought we were using the word ‘beta’ these days :P

  6. Given how much money they want from us for the package, isn’t it quite stingy not to offer at least one game, even if it’s a measly one..?
    Are these demos more than just ads for the full games?

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