Hitman Heads To Bangkok On 16th August

There’s a new target in Agent 47’s crosshairs, as he heads to a luxurious hotel and resort on the Chao Phraya River just outside Bangkok, Thailand, for the fourth episode of the latest Hitman game. This episode is releasing in just a couple of weeks on Tuesday 16th August.

The main target is Jordan Cross, the leading figure in a rising (fictional) indie band, The Class, who are out in Bangkok to put the finishing touches to their first album and film the rather gorgeous looking music video below. The second target is Cross’ family lawyer, and it’s going to be interesting to see just how these two tie into Hitman’s overarching story of warring shadow organisations.

Chances are you’ll get to bop them round the head with a guitar at some point, as Studio Head Hannes Seifert says to “expect musical instruments to be used for some unusual activity.”

In the meantime, the eighth elusive target just got underway at 1PM UK time today, and will run for 72 hours. It takes you back to Paris to eliminate The Broker and steal/reetrieve the precious ‘Ivory White’ egg.

As always, you only get one shot at this, so try not to mess it up!

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  1. If I buy the game now, will I have missed out on content like the elusive targets, or can they be replayed later on?

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