What We Played #265 Overwatch, Destiny & Brut@l

The launch of a new console is often a huge event, and based on Game’s lack of stock alone, it seems as if the launch of the Xbox One S has gone pretty well – before we start, yes, who can say how many consoles were released to retailers, or indeed if many pre-orders were left unfulfilled – and if it’s any indication gamers have taken their first step towards accepting actual mid-generation technological upgrades.

I guess that Sony will have been watching with interest to see how things went, as this isn’t as simple as a mid-generation refresh, where, if anything, features tend to be removed rather than expanded upon. No, this time gamers are given a few bits of bleeding-edge tech – albeit with no content to go with it – and that’s likely going to pave the way for next year’s Neo and Scorpio. Whether in the long run the One S is a short-lived stop-gap remains to be seen, but it feels like the landscape is shifting, or at least going to shift, and hopefully gamers will enjoy the possibilities that it will bring rather than focussing on the potential negatives.

Ha! Who am I kidding?

Anyway, I have thus far managed not to upgrade my Xbox One – though I may change my mind tomorrow – but then I don’t think I’ve even played on it this week. I have had to play some of the accursed Lego Jurassic World on PS4, but when my son loves it so much I really can’t complain too vehemently. I’ve also been tinkering away at Tricky Towers for our upcoming review, played some Monster Hunter Generations, and tried to get into Uncharted 4 a bit more but it’s been slow going.

Jim was the first to drop in, and he’s also been on the Uncharted 4 train;

“This week I’ve been playing the usual dose of Uncharted 4’s multiplayer alongside the superb Overcooked and Abzu. Overcooked was a game that really took me by surprise with its frantic yet addicting brand of co-op puzzle solving. The only bad thing I can think to say is that there isn’t more to gorge on after beating the game 100%. Abzu is a delight too but for different reasons. Think Journey but underwater with a meditative, educational twist.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue also fell into my lap by chance this week. Having strongly disliked Unity, with not much love for Syndicate either, I wanted to go back and play this missing chapter. Although still ridden by the series’ atrociously simplified combat (why did they change it in AC3? Why!?) it’s helping to fill a number of holes left completely unaddressed after the events of Black Flag.”

In between being told he had a nice ass, and generally enjoying himself in another country, Tuffcub didn’t once play on his poor neglected Vita, though that could be due to both enjoying plenty of time in the pool, and because there simply isn’t anything that compelling to play on it right now. He also played one match of Destiny, and deleted Ghostbusters, but obviously had far too good a time to do anything else.

There was another globetrotter this week in the shape of Tef;

“I got a little bit of Pokémon Alpha Sapphire played while on the 11 hour flight to California – can’t say why just yet, but you’ll hear soon enough once the embargo lifts – and was then disappointed with Pokémon Go not to get a Taurus from three 5km eggs that I hatched on this side!

Aside from that, I previewed The Turing Test, finally reviewed 10 Second Ninja X, made a brief and slightly bewildered return to Destiny, dipped a toe back into Rainbow Six Siege, and worked my way trough the games in Help! The Game, which is a collection of game jam games that have been created in aid of the War Child charity.”

Miguel has been playing some Gal*Gun Double Piece for review, a smattering of Overwatch, as well as some Team Fortress 2 as he’s got to teach a class on how to build levels for it. Besides that he also reviewed Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, which is seemingly slightly less confusing than the name implies. Dave meanwhile has been playing Brut@l for review, as well as Pokémon Go and Worms WMD.

Now, what have you played?

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  1. I got the platinum out of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture during the week. Also I’ve been enjoying Rory McIlroy PGA, Tricky Towers and Ultratron.

  2. Platinumed Saints Row Gat eventually and then bought the PSN game Beech Buggy racing for 3 quid odd in the sale which isn’t too bad but I won’t hold my breath to getting that platinumed :o

  3. Played all sorts this week:
    – Finished a Veteran play through of RE5 (just Professional left for the platinum)
    – Chipped away at the trophies for Pacman (just Picky Eater to go for the platinum)
    – Brother in Law has been living with us this week so picked up a cheap copy of COD Advanced Warfare so we had something to play. Servers are practically dead at this stage but playing against BOTs has been good fun
    – Re-activated my PS+ subscription this week so have revisited a few older games. Resogun is still as awesome as I remember (one trophy to go for platinum), Contrast was a quick, fun 100% trophy completion and I made a start on Dust last night, which has been great so far.

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