Community Round-Up: 06/08/16

The eyes of the world are on Rio, as the 2016 Olympics begins. It hardly feels like it’s been four years since the fantastic games in London, but now it’s Rio’s time to shine.

Which sports or events are you looking forward to in particular? I love the athletics, as well as the slightly more unusual sports (*cough* beach volleyball) that you don’t often get to see.

Anyway, let’s get going with what you’re here for – this week’s Community Round-Up!

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Kicking off with the reviews, in first place we had Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1. Sitting proudly on a 9/10, Tef says the “series is off to a great start, giving us a fresh view into the character that goes well beyond beating up criminals in alleyways.”

We next had three games sharing the 8/10 spot. Jim called Overcooked “easily the best co-op game of 2016 so far”, while 10 Second Ninja X is perfect for those who love ‘ultra-difficult, ultra precise platformers’. Meanwhile, Headlander, which is another futuristic platformer, had a solid setting – although the boss battles were a tad disappointing.

Falling to a 7/10, This is the Police has ‘great visuals’ and ‘challenging gameplay’ even if there are frustrating limitations, while [email protected] was deemed “a fitting tribute to Rogue and the genre” thanks to its ASCII style.

The final two games sat on disappointing 5/10’s. Sword Coast Legends includes some ‘ridiculous’ load times and poor controls, while Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force is a letdown for fans wanting a good remaster.

From the previews now, Tef began the week with a look at The Turing Test, a game that tries to immerse you in its multi-layered story and question how human machines can become.

Elsewhere, Civilisation VI is set to become a massive time sink for loads of fans, as Tef spoke to Dennis Shirk about how Firaxis keep om finding new ways to play.

From the Blogs, Jim continued his love for Overwatch and why he thinks it’s the best multiplayer game of 2016 so far, as Tef reckons the leaked Nintendo NX’s unusual design could be the console’s best trick.

Finishing up, the Chronicle’s Hot Topics talked about the NX and Driveclub VR, while What We Played #265 had everything the gang have been up to this week.

Time to open up the Forums and have a look!

  • McPhatty has completed Uncharted 4, and shares his thoughts on that ending

Enjoy your week, and I’ll be back again soon!



  1. To be honest: none, I don’t really care much about Rio, just like most sports games give me the creeps.
    However, I found the news stories about whether the Russians would or would not be allowed to take part, quite amusing. As if they were the only ones taking illegal stuff to improve their performance.

    • I know why you mean about them being the only ones, I think the state sponsoring and especially getting caught is quite massive though. I’ve seen a heartbreaking interview with an old GB swimmer, I dunno her name but she was in tears over her career being undermined by cheaters, questioning her life choices and whether she should’ve taken an opportunity to toe the line with some dodgy supplement.

      Got the Olympics on now, there’s hardly anyone in the crowds, very disappointing. These opening sports are making us laugh too, shooting with guns, shooting with future bows and arrows, sword fighting with floppy swords and horse dancing. We’ve found gymnastics now, thank god.

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