Community Chronicle: 07/08/16

I’m suffering from an awful lot of jet lag just a moment. Having flown out to the US on Wednesday, I’m now writing this soon after my return yesterday afternoon in an attempt to stay busy and awake until it’s night time here.

I’m regularly just zoning out as I try to stay focused and write, so this could be a little… off.

As for why I was out in the US? Well, you’ll find out soon enough!


The PlayStation VR is going to transport you back to the late 90s and early 00s, with the curious (but ultimately very sensible) inclusion of a demo disk in the box to show off some of what the games for the system can do.

Camdaz wrote, “It’s a great idea to show what the PSVR is capable of. It’ll have snippets of games that you may not try otherwise.”

Yet TSBonyman questions the potential longevity of the move. “It’s a good move,” he wrote, “but given the overall duration of some of these experiences a demo might be too much. Play the demo for five minutes or buy the full game and play it for 20 mins?”

Andrewww asks, “Given how much money they want from us for the package, isn’t it quite stingy not to offer at least one game, even if it’s a measly one..?”

However, I’d counter that by saying that you don’t expect to get a free game at launch with a new console, so why should this be any different? Bundling in games can come down the line, no matter how nice it would be to have.

Sticking with VR, the price of the HTC Vive rose at the start of the week, with the company blaming the drop in value of our currency. We all know why that is…

As it increased by £70, gazzagb siad, “Woah, that’s quite a jump! I guess people could always import from Europe (while they still can!) if it works out cheaper.”

MrYd felt that the rise was fairly generous, given the sitauation. “The price increase isn’t quite as big as it should be,” he wrote. After doing some sums, he continued, “So it’s gone from being $67 extra to $43 extra. That’s a whole $24 less of ‘Random Profit For Not Being in the US’.”

I doubt this is the last price hike or recalculation we’ll see in the industry as a whole, if the pound stays where it is for much longer…


Let’s keep moving swiftly on to the achievements. Youles gets us under way having got the platinum for Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, as well as playing through the sixth and seventh episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode, which he rated good and bad respectively.

Ron_mcphatty finished Uncharted 4, and certainly found the ending to be pretty emotional, as Nate, Sully and Elena’s journey came to an end. He thought it was “Stunning”.

Pixel_nme finished off The Evil Within, finishing the game as he squeezed it into his usual play time in with R1MJAW and Forrest. Similarly, Andrewww got ready for his summer holidays by playingdddrough Everbody’s Gone to the Rapture, which he thoroughly enjoyed, though not quite as much as DividSmythe, who has nabbed its platinum trophy!

Crazy_Del managed to get all of the Riddler collectibles done in Batman: Arkham Knight, while R1MJAW‘s biding his time and waiting for No Man’s Sky, but in the meantime, he’s trying to give up smoking and ending a 25 year habit. Best of luck, R1M!

The trophy leaderboards are on a hiatus at the moment, so after our brief Chronicle, all that’s left to do is bid you farewell for another week.

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  1. What? Did I forget to write in the wwptw comments? What? I says, did I forget to write in the WWPTW comments? EH EH! For you see, TSA, I have been kicking ass at wwe2k16. Whooping ass. I whooped the rock’s ass, i whooped Kevin Owens’s ass. I flippiledrivered everyone that faced me! And create a few champonship belts of my own. What? I says, I created a few belts of my own.

    Or i just wanted to do a random Stone Cold impression and admittly, this was crap.

    Oh and beat a few games.

    In other news, my jobless situation may improve over the next few months and soon, i’ll be able to earn my way to a PS4. Mainly by working my arse off and saving cash where i can once I get me employed.

    • I don’t care what The Rock is cooking!

      Good news on the job front dude, fingers crossed, keep on looking, sounding, feeling, smelling, and radiating ’employable’!

      • It doesn’t matter if you care about what the rock is cooking! For you see, Jabroni! The Steven will whoop your arse all over the arena. He’ll whoop your arse outside. Inside, Sideside, Upside, Downside. Inside. IT DOESN’T MATTER! For I will whoop your caaaandy arse! :P

        Hopefully. Volunteering with the NHS soon. Admin and with luck, i’ll get me the next job before Winter. Then i can jump into this gen.

      • Mental ward per-chance?
        Joking aside, best of luck, it’s good to see you making an effort to find work by offering your services voluntarily gratis in the hope of securing a payer ;)

      • Sorry I don’t like wrestling, I thought I’d repeat that line because I got a laugh from it once :) Good luck with the job though dude, sounds good, fingers crossed it leads to paid work soon!

  2. I was questioning more the value folks might feel they were getting after playing a five minute demo and then purchasing the full experience when so many of the first-wave VR experiences seem to be quite short. And unlike traditional demos, many VR demos will probably be more focused on easing you into the VR experience rather than providing a discreet slice of gameplay challenge that you’ll want to replay. At least for the more ‘experience’-based VR games. Demos for games like Driveclub VR or RIGS will be more suitable i think.

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