Rocksmith 2014 Remastered Edition Releases In October

Ubisoft has announced Rocksmith 2014 Remastered Edition with a release scheduled for October. The publisher has confirmed that all owners of the regular edition regardless of platform. will get the remastered content for free in a patch at the same time. The Remastered edition will be available in stores for PS4, PC, Mac, and Xbox One, with these versions having six DLC songs to redeem.

The patch notes/ remastered content are below:


· Manage your song library using updated Search, Sort, and Filter tools
· Search by artist or song name in Learn a Song, Score Attack, and the Shop—just enter the desired text with your keyboard or game controller
· Build custom Song Lists in Nonstop Play to group songs for personalized practice sessions
· Pause and navigate freely through entire tracks in Riff Repeater, and loop phrases more efficiently
· View all song arrangements from the improved Song Hub, and launch directly into any of them without changing paths
· Filter your Nonstop Play list by tuning, and switch between all available arrangements between songs
· Customize the rate of Dynamic Difficulty adjustments, or disable the feature altogether
· Track your progress with detailed in-game player statistics

Source: Ubisoft Forum

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  1. Regardless of platform? That means digital purchases only i guess and won’t allow me to finally get around to making use of the retail PS3 version i bought shortly before PS4 launched. I had the PS4 version on my store wishlist for ever but it never dropped below €69-effing-99.

  2. Surely they aren’t going to call it that. At least give it a lick of paint and call it 2016 or something not 2 years old.

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