Buzz Developer Relentless Has Closed

Sad times down in Brighton as the developer of the prolific Buzz games, Relentless, has shut up shop. As of Friday all employees were being made redundant, with no reason being given for the closure.

The developer had recently announced plans to start up a second studio based in Wales that would create games based on Hasbro properties, but that doesn’t seem to have worked out. This is probably because Hasbro have had a massive internal restructuring exercise and no longer see themselves as a toy company which licenses out it’s products, it is now a multimedia giant and wants some control over every TV show, game, duvet, or pack of My Little Pony branded sweeties. Hasbro invested heavily in Backflip studios, who have created the well Transformers: Earth Wars game.


It is rumoured that this move has also seen Activision lose the license for the Transformers games.

Apart from the BAFTA wining Buzz series, Relentless also produced the Blue Toad Murder Files series, and worked on Kinect games.

Source: GIBiz

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  1. Sad times, we still play Quiz TV and as a testament to its greatness we’ve never tired of Donovan’s great voice work and also can’t remember seeing the same question twice! probably out crap memories. Sad news, all the best to the Relentless guys and thanks for the great games.

  2. I also loved Buzz, such a shame…

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