Lost Soul Aside Developer Approached By The Likes Of Sony And Epic Games

Solo developer Yang Bing has been thrust into the spotlight over the last couple of weeks after releasing a trailer for a project called Lost Soul Aside, a game he began work on a couple of years ago after seeing footage of Final Fantasy XV. The gameplay itself features a very good looking world with combat that seems to be inspired by the likes of Devil May Cry.


Now Yang Bing has revealed that companies like Sony and Epic Games have approached him to provide the necessary tools to help finish the game. According to posts of Facebook he has been a bit reluctant to accept offers but is considering the help due to the positive feedback that has been given by people from around the world. It’ll probably take a few years before Lost Soul Aside would be ready to release as a commercial product, and that is if the decision is made to continue with it.

Source: PlayStationLifestyle/Facebook

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