NASCAR Heat Evolution Will Support 40 Player Races

DMRacing has announced that NASCAR Heat Evolution will support up to 40 players in online multiplayer, with dedicated servers to provide a better experience that previous NASCAR titles. The game is being developed by Monster Games. In online all racers will be other players so don’t expect AI vehicles to make up the numbers to fill in. There will be three different lobby types too.

  • No Rules: If you’re a beginner just looking to learn, bump, and crash (or you just want to bump and crash), the No Rules lobby is for you. This is a great place to practice, try things out, or just have a good time with friends.
  • Normal: For players who want to test their skills but are still looking for a good, clean, and friendly race.
  • Hosted: This lobby is for people who are more serious about racing. Race hosts will have the option to decide which level of player can join the race session. For example, if the host only wants racers level 5 or higher, he or she can set that parameter when creating the session. In addition, hosts have the right to boot players from their game.

In all three lobby types the host can decide on which track the race will be held on, the number of players that can join, the amount of laps, and whether fuel and tire wear will be a factor. Online races will not have caution flags though due to balancing issues when putting 40 players together. NASCAR Heat Evolution is set to release on September 13th for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: US PS Blog

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  1. That’s nice, at least everyone who buys the game will be able to fit into one lobby. :)

  2. Not long ago there was a shortage of good racing games on PS4, now there’s so many there isn’t enough time to play them all.
    Shame put I’m going to have to give the a miss.

  3. Is this confirmed for an EU release?

    • Nope. Looks like it would be one to import if you’re interested in it.

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