Armello Launches August 30th On Xbox One Along With The Usurpers DLC

Confirmation has come from League Of Geeks that its fantasy board game styled title Armello will release on August 30th for Xbox One. Along with that release The Usurpers Hero pack will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The price for the DLC has been set at $9.99. This pack brings with it four new characters to control from the various animal clans.


Magna hails from the Wolf Clan and is a character built for combat with high body and fight stats. Elyssia of the Rabbits is focused on getting gold which helps in taking control of the Armello economy. Ghor of the Bear Clan is built for spell casting, while Sargon of the Rats can see cards before they get drawn using his ability allowing for a competitive advantage.

Source: Press Release

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