Vlambeer Will Try And Patch Luftrausers On Vita And PS3

Vlambeer has made quite a few announcements regarding what the studio has been up to, and what the future holds. This future includes looking back at past projects and finding ways to fix issues with them that Vlambeer didn’t have the time or resources to commit to before. One of these potential fixes will address a trophy issue that has plagued the PS3 and Vita versions of Luftrausers.

We are happy to announce we will be working with Abstraction Games to try and bring a PS3 and PS Vita patch to Luftrausers. This patch will fix an old trophy problem some of our vocal fans have been asking about in more and less polite ways, and we didn’t want to disappoint those of you who asked politely.

Along with that fix Vlambeer has submitted a patch certification for Nuclear Throne on Sony’s platforms . Update 99 will roll out on PC, Mac, and Linux at some point this month. The same update will come to PS4 and Vita once certification is granted. Patches for Super Crate Box iOS and Ridiculous Fishing will be coming soon to support new devices and give better aspect rations. However there will not be a content update for Ridiculous Fishing. Serious Sam: The Random Encounter is another game that will be patched, while GUN GODZ and Super Crate Box will get updated freeware editions.

Vlambeer has also announced it is releasing a book that charts the studio’s history, and has various pieces of artwork including concepts. There will be two editions available with the regular edition costing £29.50 + £8.65 shipping, while the Limited Edition will cost £70+£7.50 shipping.  The book is expected to ship in November, and can be bought from here.

Source: Vlambeer

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  1. I haven’t got a clue as far as prices go for books but that seems a bit pricey also a bit niche.

  2. Funny they had the nerve to have a dig about people who asked (impolitely) about a patch for a trophy fix. It’s understandable some people might be angry if they’ve bought something that doesn’t work properly – the game did release two and a half years ago yet they somehow think they can take some moral high ground because now they’ve finally decided to “try” and fix it.

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