What We Played #266 No Man’s Sky, Tricky Towers & Worms WMD

If I was a betting man I could probably save you the trip down to the comments section by wagering that most of you lovely people have been playing a little title called No Man’s Sky. I had stayed strong – my pile of shame contains some of the last twelve month’s finest games – but as I watched my friends relentlessly posting incredible-looking videos on Facebook my willpower swiftly dwindled like so many British Olympic dreams. It arrives tomorrow, and frankly I can’t wait to dive into it over the weekend, like so many Olympic… well, you know what I mean.

Since this feature isn’t entitled What Will You Play I won’t dwell on that any further, but I will return to my pile of shame, which has slowly been diminishing in the last few weeks. I’ve been making a concerted effort to play The Crew, and after some mucking about with the handling I’m really enjoying Ubisoft’s open-world racer, which at this point is probably in its fully-finished state.

Alongside that I also managed to jump back into Titanfall in preparation for the sequel, and I really didn’t give it anywhere near enough of a chance the first time out, despite it being one of the games that made me buy an Xbox One. Finally I played Tricky Towers for review – which if you have Playstation Plus you can check out for free yourself – and found it to be a fun multiplayer game, and a mediocre single-player one.

Our illustrious leader Tef was back from his travels this week, and he’s been playing a hell of a lot of No Man’s Sky so he can grace us with a review at the start of next week. He’s also played the beautiful colour-based platformer Hue, and some other stuff he’s not allowed to talk about, which, as ever, is annoying and secret.

Tuffcub also returned from a faraway land, and that somehow helped him to play more games;

I used my jet lag constructively and I’ve finished God of War III Remastered, not because I wanted to, but just to see where the story ended up in preparation for Kratos’ starring role in Carry On Up The Vikings on PS4. I played a little of Tricky Towers and even less of that space game that game with PS+ this month, that appears to be a bit rubbish.

I also fired up Gone Home although I am stuck and have no idea what to do next. There was a smidgen of Destiny, a smidgen of Rocket League, and a dash of Resident Evil 5.

Our resident American writer Miguel has had a busy week of it, fitting in Heart&Slash for review, while continuing to play Gal*Gun, crying over loot boxes in Overwatch, getting back into Black Ops 3 and making a start on Earth Defence Force 4.1. He seemed particularly excited about that last one so hopefully he enjoys it!

Aran got to review a great little adventure game called Kelvin And The Infamous Machine, while his Mongol Empire was having a great run in Civ 5, that is until the Aztecs and Persian Empire attacked in a lethal pincer motion and ruined it. He’s also part of the No Man’s Sky contingent and has been playing as a trader, already amassing a nice bit of money by selling off Emeril and using it to buy a new ship for a tasty 960,000 units.

It’s sad to say that Dave hasn’t had a great time of it, with his Alienware laptop dying a death and a big repair bill looming. Despite that, he did still manage to play some Worms WMD as well as the ubiquitous Pokemon Go, which frankly if I see someone in the street with their phone now I assume they’re just bothering Pidgeys.

Jim makes up the final explorer in the No Man’s Sky posse, though he’s also been drawn into some heavy multiplayer waters in both Overwatch and Uncharted 4. The punctual arrival of Hitman’s summer content made up for the last few remaining moments he could find.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. I have finally….FINALLY… got my hands on a PS4 (talk about being late for the party).

    Have a plethora of games to sink time into – Uncharted 4 and Witcher III (both of which I got as part of the bundle), Dragon Age: Inquisition, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Infamous: Second Son (got all three for £25). All of which are large games so I don’t know where to start.

    Would like to try Uncharted’s multiplayer so if anybody has a Meet let me know.

    Good to be back!

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