Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition’s European PS4 Release Date Is August 17th

Stage 2  has confirmed that the European release date of Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition is set at August 17th. It will be available in Australia on the same day. The game released in North America last month on July 19th. Lifeless Planet’s plot revolves around an astronaut going to what is thought to be a barren planet, but he soon discovers an abandoned Russian town there.


The Premier Edition of Lifeless Planet features an updated main character model, an updated game engine, and more advanced shaders and lighting. The game will feature puzzles to solve but much of the story will be uncovered through exploring the barren planet.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. I think i’ll have to check this out too, looks even more desolate than NMS but the story sounds intriguing.

  2. Oh I like the look of this!

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