Final Fantasy XV Delay Confirmed With November 29th Set As New Release Date

There have been rumours over the last couple of days that Final Fantasy XV was facing a delay, and this morning Square Enix has confirmed as much. In a press release the publisher has stated that Final Fantasy XV will now be released on November 29th, a delay of two months from the original September date.  The reason given was to allow extra time for polish and testing the game’s quality before putting it in the hands of players. This includes reworking the day one patch so it is included on the disc instead.

Final Fantasy XV’s director Hajime Tabata released a video giving more details.


In related news Kingsg;aive: Final Fantasy XV will still be released digitally on August 30th, though the physical release for that and Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV may change.

Source: Press Release

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  1. I am both gutted and pleased about the delay – extra time to ensure it’s at its best can only be a good thing, and something more developers should consider.

  2. Delayed by 2 months even though it sounds like it could be released on time with a large day one patch?

    Just bloody release the thing as it is. Is anyone really that bothered about having to download a big update these days? And even if your internet connection is a bit shit, it’s not going to take 2 months to download the update is it?

    It’s taken them long enough as it is. And a FF game around the busy christmas period seems a bit wrong.

    Also, almost 6 minutes to say it’s delayed and apologise for it??

  3. I had a feeling this was gonna happen. I was thinking last week I’m was going to pre-order it as I rearly do and today I almost accomplished that then I read this and changed my mind. Maybe they will release alongside neo.

  4. Cancelled my Pre order when they announced that bullshit season pass. Anyone remember when a Final Fantasy game was sold complete?

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