PS4’s Firmware 4.0 Will Include Folders And Offline Trophies

Sony has finally revealed details on what will be heading to the PS4 via firmware 4.0, with folders being one of the big additions. You’ll be able to organise your games and apps on the launcher and the library how you want. The library will also only show games you have installed on your console, unless you choose to go with the Purchased Content tab which shows everything you have access too. There’s also been confirmation that you’ll be able to view trophies without a network connection, and the option to reveal hidden trophies will be included too.

The user interface will be getting some adjustments too including new icons and backgrounds. The Quick Menu has been revised as well and will not take up the full screen. The Share menu gets a similar overhaul and you’ll be able to share clips faster, with Twitter clips now being able to be 140 seconds. User profiles get more customisation like being able to set a background using screenshots taken, and you can compare trophy lists with other players. Sony hasn’t revealed the full extent of what 4.00 will include, but folders are a welcome addition.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Lots of stuff here that will please lots of PS4 owners.

    • Sounds ace, hopefully I get in the beta to check it out.

  2. I like the idea of sorting your games and apps with folders. At the moment I have a very long list of games in my Library with all the retail and Plus games.

  3. I honestly didn’t expect folders at this point so that’s a great surprise and the overall UI and Library changes sound good too, decent update.

    • The beta notification emails are being sent out – just got mine!

  4. Folders….FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • You’ll cave dude, please don’t use those quick quid type arseholey loan type firms as they charge about 4000% APR :P

  5. Yay folders.

    But what about cross game chat?


  6. Folders! Now what can we moan about next?

    • Oh wait, I’ve got one!
      USB ports on the back

    • No curves in the ps4 design – too many sharp edges. Probably.

  7. Very nice, fingers crossed for custom backgrounds too. When is this update coming?

  8. Yay for Folders and option to reveal hidden trophies is most welcome ^^

    • There’s always been an option to reveal hidden trophies…. The Internet! :)

  9. The PS4 should have all the features the PS3 had by the time the PS5 comes out :D

  10. Folders , quick menu shortened, revamped UI, what’s not to like. I wouldn’t mind more updates for the media player. External storage support, custom backgrounds but that’s it for me anything else is a win win.

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