Oculus Rift Will Be Available In European Stores On September 20th, Costs £549

The virtual reality headset Oculus Rift will be hitting store shelves in the UK, France, Germany, and Canada on September 20th, with a price tag of £549/€699. The headset is available to purchase from GAME and Currys but Amazon and John Lewis are currently showing no stock available. Whether its because their sites haven’t updated yet, stock is yet to arrive, or they have already sold out isn’t quite clear.

All the Rifts will come with Lucky’s Tale, and if you’re on the fence about laying down the money for the headset you will be able to try out demo units at various locations over the next few weeks. Touch demos will also be making their way to stores in October.

Source: Oculus Blog

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  1. I’m more happy than sad that my PC isn’t up to the task of VR, it means I don’t have to decide between spending £549 on a Rift or £350 on a PS. I don’t think I could justify splashing out £900 on two HMDs.

    • £350 on a PSVR, beeping auto correct.

    • Don’t you need a new PS4 if you are buying PSVR so in all you spending about £600 just for the PSVR plus camera

      • I meant £550 for a Rift and £350 for PSVR.

      • Why would you need a new PS4? Current PS4 work fine with PSVR, all the games developed so far are for a standard PS4.

      • I think what I originally posted has been miss read, what I meant was if my pc was good enough for VR I couldn’t justify spending £550 on a Rift when I’ve already got a PSVR pre-ordered (to use on the PS4 I’ve already got).

      • Watchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis, a new PS4? that’s for dummies with mummies! :P
        Puzzling as to where the new PS4 requirement comes from as there has been no announcement as to a half gen upgrade as far as I’m aware?

      • Sony is holding a press conference in New York on 7th September which most people think they are going to reveal Neo along with release date and price . There’s also hope that the ‘leaked’ specs will be upgraded after MS revealed Scorpio.

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