Players Get To Storm A Castle In Overwatch’s New Map

Overwatch is the game that keeps on giving. Following one of the year’s most successful launches, Blizzard’s popular online shooter has already received a slew of updates, introducing a new mode and character as well as a full-blown summer event.

Next on the list is a new map. As those who play Overwatch will know, each location houses its very own game scenario, combining a mishmash of objectives as one team attacks and the other defends.


Set in rural Germany on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Eichenwalde plays host to an abandoned castle town. It definitely has a fantasy vibe about it, echoing the cobble-stoned districts of Azeroth’s Stormwind. Compared to Warcraft’s mighty capital however, this latest map is strewn with debris and metal carcasses.

Described as a hybrid map, Eichenwalde will see one team defending the town and inner fortress as attackers look to mobilise a conveniently placed battering ram.

It looks incredible and, for those who care about the lore, hosts a great deal of relevance when probing into Overwatch’s optional backstory.

There’s no ETA though we expect it to arrive with the coming weeks.

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