Metal Gear Survive Announced For PS4, XB1 And PC, Features Zombies

Well you can’t say Konami lack imagination because… oh wait, yes they do, the first Metal Gear game after the departure of Hideo Kojima will have zombies in it. The plots finds members of Militaires Sans Frontières transported through a wormhole in to an alternate universe to battle zombies, because you can never have too many clichés in one game.

If I disengage my snark for a moment the trailer looks quite good, a bit Dying Light, a bit The Last of Us, and a smidgen of Resident Evil. File under “intrigued”.


The game is described as “survival done the Metal Gear Way”, will feature four play co-op, is running on the FOX engine, and will be out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: IGN

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  1. But will it go on for about twice as long as it needs to? And feature characters not wearing much because reasons. “Reasons” being someone wants gratuitous tits in it.

    I’m glad it’s got zombies though. I don’t think they’ve featured in games enough.

    Or maybe without Hideo Kojima, someone will know when to stop and not just keep adding game hoping the plot actually gets somewhere. (I actually liked MGSV, but it really did go on too long. And Quiet is a complete disgrace of a character)

  2. Also….where’s the actual gameplay? I’ve never ever liked videos that do not show gameplay

  3. Finally a feature length metal gear film with zombies. Maybe they will make a game based of this movie.

  4. In all fairness the last game had zombies in it

  5. No. Just no. We already have Umbrella Corps. Metal Gear does not need a version of that and this will suck. Why? Because it’s going to be a low effort cash in because Konami want to milk the hell out of Metal Gear. Megafeckton of feck Konami!

    Yeah, not even giving them a chance. MGSV really ****** me off with it’s ending and how rubbish act two was due to it all being filler and boring. This? This will be utterly crap.

  6. It can come in 2017 all it wants…then it can promptly shut the wormhole behind it Forever ! forever ! forever-ever, forever-ever?

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