Check Out The Difference Between The Bioshocks On Last Gen And This Gen

Details regarding the Bioshock remasters have filtered through from Gamescom and as you might expect, it is the first game that has been improved the most, even if it still running the creaking Unreal 2.0 engine.

Developer Blind Squirrel has lovingly retouched some key areas of the game, adding new visual details that flesh out the presentation without betraying the legendary art direction.

The results are subtle but additive. I noticed denser seaweed and starfish clinging to the exteriors of Andrew Ryan’s crumbling undersea empire during the iconic Rapture reveal sequence, for example. And an oversized full moon now looms over the opening plane crash sequence, lending a more dramatic look.

‘Shocks 2 and Infinite are also upgraded, with all three running in 1080p with enhanced textures and a target frame rate of 60fps. The collection, will also includes the single player DLC and a documentary is so big it it has to be shipped on two blu-rays. We also have a comparison video which you can check out below.

Source: PS Blog / YouTube

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but this may actually be the first remaster/ps4 game to ship on two blurays (yes I know it’s more than one game). loved the first one but didn’t play the other 2 so this may be a welcome addition especially now that ff15 has been pushed back.

  2. It looks nice, but all this video does is remind me how great the original looked on the old ps3.

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