The PS4 Slim Is Out In The Wild, Reported September 7th Reveal [UPDATED]

Update [23/08]: Looks like there’s a new DualShock 4 revision as well, with the standout new feature being the addition of a player facing lightbar in the touchpad. Here for more.

Updates [22/08]: The Wall Steet Journal have spoke to “people familiar with the matter” and confirmed a “a new PlayStation 4 standard model” will be revealed at the forthcoming PlayStation meeting happening in New York on September 7th.


In addition to having visited the original source of the leak in person and seen the console boot up, Eurogamer have also heard the console will be officially revealed at the New York bash, and will be on sale very shortly afterwards in September. No price was given but they understand it will be cheaper than the current PS4.

Here is the console beside it’s older brother, courtesy of @shortmaneighty2.



The original post follows.

Rumours of a PS4 Slim have been circulating for a while, and now that rumour has been given a firm push as an advert has appeared on Gumtree with someone trying to sell the yet unannounced console for £295. The hard drive is the standard 500GB. Of course this could be an elaborate fake. After all who could forget the furore over that fake NX controller that many were convinced was real.

If this is fake then someone is pretty good at Photoshop and using a 3D printer. If real then Sony may have lost a shipment somewhere.

It may be that Sony will be revealing the PS4 Slim at the September 7th PlayStation Meeting along with the Neo, but if this is real then a release will follow soon after.

Source: Gumtree/NeoGAF

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  1. Wow I thought the PS4 couldn’t get slimmer but that’s pretty cool, it’s as small as my car engine

  2. Not sure they’d get rid of being able to stand the console vertically. Not now the XB1 slim lets you do this. Im not sure…

  3. My first instinct, it’s fake. Purely on basis of image quality and the dimensions being a bit iffy. If it is true though, I’d be curious to see the internals as it’s got to have a vacuum cleaner of a fan to cool even a 14nm chip in that size package. Looks sleek and stylish nevertheless.

    • Don’t forget Sony’s engineering ninjas ;)

      Look how tiny the PS TV is, the PS2 slim or putting a bluetooth speaker inside a lightbulb. Crazy shizz.

      • True, but they used mobile/low profile chips so the cooling requirements are low on those kinds of devices. An APU, even a 14nm, would require either good space/ventilation, or an extremely good fan.

  4. why would Sony go to so much effort to make the feet different shapes in the form of the button symbols?
    i smell a rat!

    • Well the hard drive replacement screw on the current PS4 has the symbols on it, fewer people will see that than these feet (when they get this one out of the box), so the precedent was set

  5. Wonder if it’s the same thieves that stole a truckload of Uncharted 4….. if that really is a PS4 slim.

  6. Memory size is 500GB?

    Er that is not memory but harddrive space…

    • Fixed!

    • 500gb. Damn, small.

      BUT….if that is real, it could be a cheap way of VR-ness. And I heard a rumour external drive support is here soon…

  7. But if it’s not fake, that’d mean Sony announce a new PS4 next month and then 5 minutes later announce something that instantly makes it obsolete. They couldn’t be that stupid, could they? That’d be a ridiculous plan.

    • Also, being less sarcastic…

      That 3rd picture looks particularly fake. As if it’s all the bits from the current PS4 laid out on a carpet and then the fake model pasted on top.

    • I honestly don’t get what is stupid or silly about doing a slim version and announcing an upcoming souped up version shortly after. Slim versions are often a great way for the companies to cut costs and promote the console. Also in this case it may be necessary if AMD can only provide a newer production processed chip, which is what I’ve heard.

      I seriously doubt people will hold out for Neo unless it releases this year, and if Scorpio is anything to go by the Neo’s demographic will be different to the PS4 slim i.e. 4K gaming. it depends partly of course on how Sony deliver all the news.

    • Microsoft announced the XB1S and then the Scorpio about an hour later.

      I’m hoping they have postponed the Neo to boost it up to match Scorpio.

  8. All’s I want from a fat or thin PS4 is a decent Wi-Fi relationship between console and access point, my PS4 online connection goes from 500kb to 8MB download speed intermittently, yet my ipad reaches the dizzy heights of 50MB consistent download speed using the said Router/Modem in the same Wi-Fi “dead zone” :o(

    • I had similar problems, then after sitting a mini PC behind my telly and finding the wifi wiuldnt work at all I discovered that the massive block of steel in the TV base was interfering! Moved the PS4 and PC onto the floor and nearer the router, all fixed! Then babies arrived, had to move it back, shit wifi again :P

      Also, the slim looks great, based on how things went with the PS3 Slim I’d say this was definitely real. Very similar shape to the Sky Q box, if it’s the same size too they’ll look lovely stacked.

    • PS4 has the same WiFi components as millions of other PCs and devices, it’s 100% not the PS4, it’s just your dodgy Wifi. However, dont feel special, everyone has patchy wifi.

      There are so many things that can interfere with it – my NowTV box in my bedroom is normally fine but dropped the res down to sub YouTube levels this weekend for no reason. The box hadnt moved, the router hadnt moved, something else was interfering with it.

      • Probably a peado outside your window, they’re terrible for interfering.

      • It just seems odd that other less advanced tech can pick up a perfectly good and consistent wifi signal as I’d already tested my mobile and ipad sitting directly on top of the PS4 with astounding results…a frickin mobile!
        So in conclusion yes, the wifi antenna Hardware built into the PS4 console is special :P

    • PS4 wifi problems are by no means uncommon. The wifi hardware is not what you’d call high performance.

      Ethernet always wins.

  9. A slim PS4 with 14nm chips should need less cooling so should be a lot quieter than the current PS4.

    I wonder if Sony will announce the slim along with Neo at their press conference next month?

    • I ran the images through Photoshop. Using the ruler tool I measured the difference between the PS4 Orig and the slim in order to calculate the size of the slim.

      I estimate the dimensions to be 260 x 40 x 260mm vs PS4 orig which is 275 × 53 × 305mm (width × height × length). That would make it 40% smaller by volume.

      • Oops replied to the wrong post!

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