Gameplay Videos For The PS4 And Xbox One Versions Of Resident Evil 4 Released

Capcom has released two gameplay videos to show players what they can expect from the remastered version of Resident Evil 4, which is scheduled to release on August 30th for PS4 and Xbox One. The first video is set in the opening village as Leon fights off the possessed villagers, while the second video has him escorting Ashley as they face some very unfriendly monks.

Source: AllGamesDelta

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  1. Nostalgia has gripped me again… This was such a gem. Very tempted indeed.

  2. Looks as rough to my eyes as the PS3 rerelease did, but there’s no way I’m passing on this.

    One of the all time great games.

  3. Can’t wait, my favourite ever game. Hope it’s got a platinum this time.

  4. It looks like the other 4,667 versions we’ve already played.

  5. Oh wow, it is so different. It is super different guys, i are excite. this is game of the year for sure. It is the best game to be released. Oh? I don’t sound excited? I am excited. Can’t you tell from my tone? No? cool.

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