Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Contents Detailed

Honestly, there’s no surprises to be found in the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass, which follows in the footsteps of Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 and their respective DLC expansions, right down to the two week headstart you get for each expansion and the monthly Battlepacks.

Spread across four expansions, starting with the addition of the French army in “They Shall Not Pass” in March 2017, there’s sixteen maps on the way for the game. There’s also new Operations, new game modes, Elite classes, and 20 new weapons, while Premium exclusive content includes unique dog tags and fourteen Battlepacks, which are delivered one a month.


However, your £40 gets you fewer maps than it did with Battlefield 4. That game had five expansions and twenty maps added, though Second Assault was admittedly made up of tweaked maps from Battlefield 3. Those games didn’t add new factions and armies to the battle, though, while BF1 will see the French army, the Russian Empire and potentially other nationalities added over time.

Battlefield 1 is out on October 21st, but if you’re ludicrously eager to get your hands on it, those willing to pay for the Early Enlister Edition can play from October 18th. Oh, and there’s a beta kicking off on August 31st as well.

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  1. Just put it in the game at release FFS.

  2. Yeah, feck you, EA. Yep, fed up of season passes and content being announced before the bleeding game is out! At least wait a few weeks before throwing DLC at us.

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